R&K Computer Services are a Nominet Accredited Channel Partner and as such we would like to make you aware of the following information which applies to domain names registered by ourselves through Nominet on our customers' behalf.

Domain Name Registration and Renewal

Domain names are registered and renewed on a two yearly basis.
The cost for registration or renewal of a .uk domain is £35.00 + VAT.
We do not charge for any additional domain maintenance, for domain transfer (in or out) or termination of contract, the registration/renewal fee is however non-refundable.

Domain Renewal and Expired Domains.

We will contact you 4 weeks before your domain name is due to expire and should you wish, we will arrange to have your domain name renewed for a further period of time.
Additional information in relation to renewal procedures can be found in our Terms and Conditions. Information about what happens to your domain if you do not renew by the expiry date can be found here at Nominet.

Reporting Abuse

If you believe that a domain registered by R&K Computer Services is responsible for abuse activities for example spam, phishing (see Abusive registration) please report such abuse to

Other complaints regarding our services

R&K Computer Services provides domain registration services through Nominet. If you have any complaints regarding these service please contact us regarding your issues and we will endeavour to work with you in resolving any issues you may have.

In the unlikely event that we are able to resolve such issues you may wish to escalate the matter further by contacting Nominet directly or move your domain(s) to another registrar.

Terms & Conditions

Please be aware that by using our services to register .uk domain names you are agreeing to Nominet's terms and conditions as well as our own.